filia. die frauenstiftung

Member of filia the women's foundation (hamburg) executive board since June 2010, reelected 2013 and 2016


Kurdish Association for the United Nation - UNA-KURD e.V./
Komeleya Kurdi ji bo Neteweyen Yekgirti

Member of the board


European Women’s Lobby

2018-  Member of the EWL working group FEMINIST ECONOMICS

Alternate Delegate & Observer for the International Alliance of Women (IAW), Alternate member of the EWL board


European Network of Gender Budgeting Initiatives
Theses and Discussionpaper for the Conference about Gender Budgeting - Gender Equality in Bilbao, 9th/10th of June 2008


Initiative for Gender Justice in The Budget of Berlin (Initiative fuer einen geschlechtergerechten Haushalt in Berlin)

The new launched homepage (only in German) is

Please, contact the Initiative. We are open for dialogue. Initiative is activ, participates in the Land of Berlin administrative working group of the Gender Budgeting implementation (since 2002) in which our Initiative as an NGO holds a at since beginning of the implementation process 2002. The Initiative meets regularly. The Initiative is public, an open group and with open meetings ans welcomes always new members who want to participate on a regular basic. The Initiative is member of EGBN (see above). Representative for the GBI in the Berlin Land steering group on Gender Budgeting.


International Women's League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), member


International Alliance for Women (IAW)

Member of the extended board since 10/2017 in Cyprus

Elected as a board member in 11/2010 in Boksburg (South Africa) & 2013 in London (UK)

member of the IAW-Commission Human Rights.

The IAW has ECOSOC status at the United Nations.


Deutscher Frauenring e.V.

Executive Board Member, elected in Oct. 2015, reelected Oct. 2018

Chair person of the International Committee (AIA)

Member of the board of the Berlin Land Section of the DFR since 1/2018


Bet Debora e.V., Berlin - Women's Perspectives in Judaism



Jugendtheaterwerkstatt Grenzen Los! Moabit 21- JugendtheaterBüro Berlin

Member of the advisory board (2007-2012)