Facts first

It Only Takes a Girl

A video by Gabriella Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

German Federal Helpline "Violence against Women"

Dial the total free phone number 08000 - 116 016 if you are targeted from Violence against yourself as a woman. The Helpline as well offers family members, supporter or witnesses of violence against women in social nightborhood, as well as those who are professional or voluntary working on that issue counceling and information. The HelpLine is total free of cost, national wide, available all around the clock, e Uhr, anonymus. barrier-free and multilingual by qualified councellors. All Information is available on the webpage of the HelpLine.

boeker-consult has put together this "FLYER ERSTE HILFE BEI DISKRIMINIERUNG (PDF)" for to download as a first Aid in cases of discrimination.For the best result please before printing fromat it in size 100% and chose page format across.

Even if the flyer is in German (we try to improve!) you might find lots of categories and adresses, phone numbers and more to meet qualified, experienced councelling centers, where in most of the places one will speak English to serve and support you. Do not hesitate to additional contact us in case of you are targeted by any form of discrimination or especially if you have tried to forward your case under national court but without success.

Philosophy of Consulting

Always under construction. Change is coming soon. Human Rights based. Our consultancy's objectives are empowerment of various stakeholders and the shortes way to your human rights.


boeker-consult, Consultancy for Human Rights and Gender Issues, endorses the CHARTA OF DIVERSITY OF THE GERMAN BUSINESSES and as part of the initiative "Diversity as a chance – Charta of Diversity" commited itself by signature to implement it.
On 15th of May 2007 the holder of the consulting firm, Marion Böker, received the certificate of the self-commitment from the Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery and Fereral Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration Maria Böhmer.

To the homepage of the German Federal Government

Content of the Charta(In German)

List of the signees

Picture from the ceremonial presentation

boeker-consult defines the 'diversity' approach more over in the frame of references of the UN-Human Rights Treaties and of the EU-Guidelines as to the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination policy of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights of the Council of Europe.

There are some approaches and contexts where 'diversity' is been understood very shortend. Especialy when the legal binding basic of human rights and anti-discimination laws are rejected as 'unnecessary ballast'. The 'diversity approach' which we support and which derived from the global human and civil rights movements is strongly connected to the knowdlege of all people about their human rights and the accessibility of justice for human rights.

The diversity approach shall help to create a culture, politics and environment which reflects the basic of a developed civilization which is based on individual human rights, on tolerance and acceptance of all human beings as equals. A meaningfull 'diversity approach' can never be limited to the aspect of the growth of economy; it works for a mutual living and sharing of growth and wealth in peace without limits or borders.

When we work mainly focused on women's rights and a world free of discrimination and violation on grounds of 'gender' and 'sex' and offer consultancy on the implementation of gender mainstreaming we always have in mind a more divers approach: the mainstreaming of all defined human rights in the mind of all people, all administrations, and politics and economy throughout. We assist to fix human rights based empowerment in the minds and institutions of our societies. We want contribute to create and live a private and professional and public life which guarantees all human beings human rights no matter how divers they are in every moment and environment.  'Diversity' of human kind is a rich cultural and natural heritage in all aspects. 'Diversity' is not a 'nice lable' if you implement and respect it in the human rights framework- it adds value to your life and social context, to business, organisations and all stakeholders objectives.

We build on empowerment, capacity building and the self help approaches, which can unfold the potentials of all human beings as activists of their own life, their families and in the society as a whole. We work for your access of all your human rights and for you to participate and contribute as a citizen knowing and achieving your human rights so that you and others can act as 'agents of change' for an equal rights based and peaceful life.

While Germany has a Federal Anti-Discimination Agency it is not taking up cases. We would take up your case, assits yxou, forwar it for you or find ther supporters and experts for your cas.