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As a social entrepreneur we support FridayForFuture and call all stakeholders for urgent and drasticque measures aganst climate change without delay. Politics must define stronmg frameworks for to lower global and local CO2 production. Private Sector must play its role: create a caring economy - caring for poeple and environment and the world climate. Safe us- safe the planet. Invest in CLimate protection. Note, that girls * and women*are 50 % of stakeholders for climate protection; include them, take them on board, listen to them, finance and invest into them and their ideas. 


The Story of Kolsum- A Long Journey Seeking for Education
Video and Interview by Niloofar Roshani, 3:48 minutes, 2016 ► ► ►
boeker-consult colaborates with Niloofar Roshani.
Description of the video ► ► ►
The Story of Kolsum is a video about a 15 years old refugee girl, born in an Afghan family in Iran, who fled to Germany a few months ago. She left everything behind in order to be able to go to school and continue her educations. Afghan children are prevented to go to public schools in Iran. They have to go to so called underground schools provided by their own refugee communities. The Right to Education as a basic human right has been ignored in Iran for decades. This fact has been repeatedly reported. Most young Afghan women, who arrived in Germany had been for long time subjected to gender discrimination. They have been prevented to go to school in Afghanistan as a child girl, and later in Iran, they've got married and now often in the role of a mother facing serious problem to attend the integration course, as the level of the integration course in Germany is too high for them. Municipalities in Germany should finally take an action as decision makers by offering Afghan women/girls special courses from the scratch in order to enable them to have access to literacy, basic school and vocational as well as higher education. Kolsum and her sisters strongest desire is to enjoy their right to education. Kolsum is aware of her human right.
Nearly 200,000 Afghans moved to Europe between 2015-2016 as refugees, who mostly fled from Iran to Europe. Because of the educational discrimination the majority of Afghan refugees in Europe or Germany have serious literacy weaknesses, including complete illiteracy.
Nearly 80,000 Afghans have applied for asylum in Germany. Berlin wants to deport around 40,000 people back to Afghanistan. Because of this uncertain status - again- access to education (integration classes) is often withhold Afghans longer than other refugees.
This might change when people see Kolsum's story.


Summit for Refugees and Migrants - 19 September 2016


See our Statement for the Summit

The statement will be used and signed during the Summit from some likeminded NGOs.

Use Hashtag on Twitter: #UN4REfugeesMigrants.

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Alliance for Action „Parity in the Parliaments"- Popular appeal to court for imposing a statute of parity in electoral law

We support the Alliance for Action „Parity in the Parliaments“, we donated and will join the group of petitioners. This is a great chance to make a change by legal means which was identified and prepared by the Munich Association for Women's Interests e.V. The objective is, as the Association writes: "...to change the electoral law in Bavaria and finally the electoral law of the Federal republic of Germany in a whole. The objective is to establish a legally guaranteed representation by parity of women in all parliaments. All political parties shall be obliged by a future law to compose the listst of candidates by a 50:50 share of women and men.
This shall be reached by forwarding a popular appeal to the Bavarian Constitutional Court and its expected judgement. For this the organisers need your support!" More on the webpage www.fraueninteressen.de

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Another year to not forget to celebrate our strengths and achievements. Here you find the gift of UN WOMEN One Woman: A Song for UN Women

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